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Passover Greeting we received from Congressman Jim Langevin to Israelis in Rhode Island

Friends –

As a Rhode Island Congressman and a longtime friend to Israel, I wish you a joyous Passover with your loved ones, and I hope you find many new friends in our state with whom you can celebrate.

For those of you who are new to Rhode Island, I sincerely hope you find our state to be a welcoming home away from home. With my own trip to Israel coming up this May, I can’t help but think about delicious Israeli food, vibrant culture and cutting-edge entrepreneurship, and I thank you for sharing it with Rhode Island. Whether you are living here, working here, or just visiting, you add so much to the fabric of our state, and we are grateful for your presence.

Jim Langevin

Member of Congress, Representative of Rhode Island's 2nd Congressional District

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